Friday, January 23, 2009

Miley Is Over With The Jonas Bros

Miley Cyrus wants all the haters out there to know that she has no feud with her ex-boyfriend, Nick Jonas. And, for that matter, she has no feud with his brothers or with any other Mouseketeers. She only has love for her Disney family.

"I know you guys saw me, I was hanging out with the Jonas Brothers at the inaugural. That was really good," she said in her latest YouTube video. "And we are friends ... I love the JoBros."

Of course, she was seen sharing a hug with her ex, Nick, at Monday night's "Kids' Inaugural: We Are the Future." "I love Nicky. I do love him," she said. "I love Kevin. I love Joe. I love Frankie. I love all the boys."

Miley also wanted to finally put another feud rumor to bed: She is friends with Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Like both Demi and Selena have said in the past, Miley is also letting all her fans know that these girls have no feud with each other at all.

"So everyone thinking there's a big feud between me ... and Selena and Demi. Actually, I'm going to have meatloaf with Demi tonight," she said. "I'm riding my bike to Demi's house. So I'm going to be partying with Demi 'cause we're friends and I love her and she always is there for me. She is one of my bestest friends."

And, with all that cleared up, she hopes that finally people can start talking about other things. "And so we have moved on and it's good for everyone else to too ... so everyone needs to back off the feud, 'cause we're over. I've always been one to be honest."


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