Thursday, February 05, 2009

Heidi Klum...Please Explain This Greed!!!!!

Celeb power couple Heidi Klum and Seal spent much of the afternoon today (February 4) dropping some serious cash at Fred Segal in Los Angeles.

The German beauty was likely celebrating the fact that she will likely soon run into some cash after suing an out-of-work butcher who used her photo in an ad with a legal bill.

Heinz Frank was fined nearly $3000 over the fliers with Heidi’s image despite his swearing in that he “had no idea” whose picture he downloaded from the internet to publicize a neighbourhood restaurant.

Says the unwitting 45-year-old: “‘I just thought she looked nice and would be appealing on the advertising leaflet. It was all harmless.”

Harmless or not, Heidi and her litigious henchmen forced the old man to cough up the cash.

In 2008, Forbes magazine listed Heidi as the world’s second top-earning supermodel with a cool $14 million annual income. On the other hand, Heinz lives on $430 a month.

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