Thursday, February 05, 2009

Professor Pete Doherty Anyone?????

You are the fearless captain of the good ship Albion. You are a knock-kneed urchin with a line in dreadful 'street poetry'. You are the Voice Of A Generation (If That Generation Has Laryngitis). You are Pete Doherty. And you are Renaissance Man incarnate. Except you're a bit shit and more prat than polymath.

So how do you keep yourself in column inches and syringes? You add another string to your scabby bow. So welcome, please, Professor Doherty the university lecturer. Really.

The lanky spoon-burner is to give a 'lecture' this Friday at Trinity College Dublin as the guest of the University Philosophical Society. Eh? What's his 'philosophy' on life? Is it like Viv Savage at the end of 'This Is Spinal Tap' where he urges us all to "Have a good time... All the time"?

We're not sure that the right university department has been involved here. Pete would surely give a very 'hands-on' and colorful lecture for the chemistry department. Or for the fashion department on the art of needlework.


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