Thursday, February 05, 2009

Holy Hotness Goes To Thailand

Angelina Jolie is in Thailand urging the government to give more freedom to Myanmar (Burmese) refugees locked inside camps. Yesterday, the celebrity dogooder visited Thailand’s Ban Mai Nai Soi center, home to nearly 20 000 refugees.

“I was saddened to meet a 21-year-old woman who was born in a refugee camp, who has never even been out of the camp and is now raising her own child in a camp,” Angie is quoted as saying. According to the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees office, the actress sat down on the floor in a thatched two-room house on stilts and chatted with refugee Ma Pai, a 44-year-old woman who has applied for resettlement to the United States.

a boarding school for orphans and children separated from their parents, Angelina listened as two teenage girls — sent across the border to the refugee camp by their parents for education — told of their fears that they might have to go back to Myanmar when they finish their schooling.

Said Miss Jolie: “I hope we can work with the Thai authorities to speed up the government admissions process and that you will not be forced to go back to Burma if danger remains.”


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