Wednesday, February 11, 2009

'Ugly Betty' Is Turning 'Ugly'????

Producers of ABC’s Ugly Betty have ordered Golden Globe-winning series star America Ferrera to drop the not so pretty attitude.

Set insiders tell The National Enquirer, America has become impossible to work with as the show edges toward its fourth season.

“Everyone on Ugly Betty needs a break–but America is the root of the trouble.”

Last month, ABC programming bosses announced that they were putting the hit dramedy on hiatus–indefinitely–beginning March 26; Ugly Betty producers hope some time off will help the young star put things in prospect.

“… The brass is sick of dealing with the cast’s petty disagreements and infighting instigated by America’s diva behavior,” one spywitness claims. “They’re hoping the hiatus scares America straight and serves as a reality check that she’s not indispensable-and not the center of the universe.”

Ugly Betty is expected to return to the air in June.


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