Friday, March 27, 2009

Madonna Plans To Adopt Again.... And Not Jesus Luz

Madonna is at it again. She is going to test the biological limits of mother nature and have a child. Oooh. She's going to adopt another child. Got it. Malawi again. Yeah, hopefully this time, Madonna will find a child who doesn't have a dad who loves talking to the press. It's happening this weekend. Madonna found time off from her busy schedule of, ummm, dating.

I'm trying to figure out why Madonna is adopting another child. From what I see, she doesn't spend much time with her current brood, so it must be just some bet she has going on with Angelina Jolie. Most of us would bet money on the Super Bowl. Madonna and Angelina bet on who can adopt the most children without having the media say anything negative. It is kind of like Jenga, but with humans. Adopt too many and the whole thing falls over faster than Nadya Suleman spotting a dollar on the sidewalk.

Unlike Angelina, it appears that Madonna doesn't have the patience to grease the wheels of adoption in any other countries. She probably figures she knows the players in Malawi, has paid them well, and know they will give her a child when she wants one, so why bother going to a different country.

Do you think it will be a girl this time? Lourdes is all grown now and Madonna doesn't have anyone else to share with who isn't male or named Gwyneth, who come to think of it. Noo. Couldn't be. Gwyneth has done full frontal right?


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