Monday, March 23, 2009

Ryan Gosling Is Not Into Crackheads

Mischa Barton isn’t wasting any time moving on from British ex Luke Pritchard.

The OC star, 23, has developed an obsession with actor Ryan Gosling, celebrity insiders chuckle. Mischa is reportedly crushing on Ryan with such passionate intensity that frequently calling, texting, and following the 28-year-old hunk around Los Angeles has become a routine part of her day.

Despite Ryan’s on-again, off-again Hollywood romance with his Notebook co-star Rachel McAdams, Mischa is dying to be with Ryan against all odds.

“Mischa is crazy about Ryan. She’s had a thing for him for months and tries to be with him every chance she gets. When he won’t meet her, she just shows up where she knows he’ll be.”

“So far, Ryan doesn’t seem to be too interested, but Mischa hasn’t given up hope!”


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