Friday, May 15, 2009

Saint Bradley Is A Generous Saint

A friend of ours who deals in vintage furniture told us a story about Brad Pitt that is very character revealing. Our guy was sweating in the hot sun at the Rose Bowl Flea Market attempting to sell two high end Knoll lounge chairs. In the afternoon Brad walked up and gasped when he saw the chairs. "I really wanted a pair of chairs like these but I lost them at an auction - they went for $20,000! He said. How much are you asking for them? The guy replied "Fifteen hundred dollars." Brad looked surprised "That's ALL?" and added "Will you take twelve?" The seller was hot and it was late in the day, so he decided to accept the twelve hundred. Brad smiled and handed him a check and the guy almost fainted - the check was for twelve THOUSAND dollars! (We've always told you Brad was a good guy.)


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