Thursday, May 07, 2009

Twilight Post

The close bond formed by the on-screen vampire family headed up by Peter Facinelli's Carlisle Cullen exists off-camera as well. And that includes some brotherly roughhousing that took place between fictional brothers Robert Pattinson and burly Kellan Lutz.

According to Lutz, when a scene called for him to tackle RPattz, the former high school football star revealed, "I didn't go out of my way to hurt him, but there is Rob, trotting along, and bang!"

As Edward Cullen's vampire father Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Peter Facinelli took a much gentler approach in his scenes with Rob. Twilight Treasury reveals that while shooting the scene in which Facinelli bites Ed to make him immortal, he first whispered, "I'm sorry," followed by "Be reborn my son," on the second take. Finally, Peter started telling the tween heartthrob, "Rob, you're so sexy!"

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