Friday, June 19, 2009

He Bangs!!!! Ricky Martin Coming Out Of The Closet????

In news that will shock absolutely no-one, it appears that Ricky Martin is tentatively creeping out of the closet. We have been reliably informed that these pictures show Ricky trying to distance himself from his boyfriend... ALLEGEDLY ETC ETC ETC....

Rick gave the following quote to Puerto Rico's TV Aqui Magazine

"my heart could belong to a woman or a man."

Pretty ambiguous until you remember this is Ricky Martin we're talking about, quite possibly the gayest looking man on Earth. This guy farts glitter.

Anyway - these pics were taken last year so they may well have split up by now, but the dude being told to walk ten steps behind is also the same dude who's told to do something else behind Ricky.

Anyone know who he is?

Good on you for coming out, Ricky - but for fuck's sake get a move on! *** ****se will have a float on the Mardis Gras before you at this rate!


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