Friday, June 19, 2009

Like Nobody Saw This Coming!!!!!

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the saddest news of the day: Jon and Kate Gosselin are getting a divorce. A source close to the couple confirmed to that they will make the announcement on Monday.

TLC released a video hinting that an important announcement was soon to be made, and most people assumed that it was the announcement Jon and Kate were divorcing. has learned that Jon will be filing the divorce papers sometime next week.
The divorce comes amidst the talk of Kate's abuse, drinking, and infidelity. As well as the old news of Jon's "Ick. Nast." affair with teacher Deanna Hummel.

As a fan of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" myself, I must say that I am saddened by this whole sordid affair. Well, not so much by the fact that Kate is involved, she's kinda annoying. Come now, you must agree with me? Poor 8 children. I'll miss you every Monday night at 9 PM wreaking havoc on Mom and Dad.


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