Friday, June 26, 2009

Holy Hotness Is Armani's New Face

Angelina Jolie has just scored herself yet another high-paying gig. She’s just been named the new face of Armani’s new fragrance line.

Angie will be fronting the new campaign for the scent, which is due to come out in stores later this year.

According to reports, Armani wanted a huge A-lister, and who’s more A-list than Angelina Jolie?? That means they must have been anticipating spending a whole lot of money, because Ang definitely doesn’t come cheap!

A fashion industry source tells Life & Style, “Armani rolled up the Brink’s truck for Angelina, because frankly, she’s worth it. For this fragrance push, they needed a true A-lister, and Angelina is the biggest, most dynamic female star in the world.”

The insider says Angelina is very hands-on with the process, saying, “She’s giving a lot of input on that stuff already, picking the photographers and directors. The campaign is going to be bold.”

Everything that woman does turns to gold so we don’t expect anything less than perfection!


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