Friday, June 19, 2009

William Shatner Is Crazy

Star Trek's original Captain Kirk, William Shatner, stunned late-night U.S. chat show host Conan O'Brien on Wednesday - by offering him a rude one-fingered hand gesture after the presenter poked fun at the actor's inability to perform a vulcan greeting.Shatner confessed he couldn't copy Mr. Spock's V-shaped sign and had to use his left hand to pull the fingers apart on his right hand to copy it, prompting fake outrage from his host on The Tonight Show.
The actor protested, "I don't do that, the other guy does that," and then flipped O'Brien his middle finger when the host called Shatner's lack of vulcan hand signal skills "ridiculous".
The outraged presenter stood up, walked away from his guest and yelled, "What the hell is that all about... What's wrong with you?"


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