Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lindsay Lohan "Is A Genius"

Just when you thought that perhaps the day was going to end in kind of a meh way, along comes Dina Lohan to look ridiculous. Last night she was at some event and OK! Magazine managed to get two coherent sentences out of her before something kicked in and she started some kind of random makes no sense kind of thing.

The great thing about Dina is that even when she is speaking coherently it still is such obvious crap that it makes the world fun.

How would Dina describe Lindsay in one word? “She’s a genius. Such a good heart.” I am seriously not making this up. If Lindsay is the genius in that family than, wow, Darwin has some explaining to do, because I can't imagine what idiots were in their previous generations.

As for what Lindsay really wants to do in the future other than act and beat down Sam Ronson's door for a living? “Lindsay will direct one day. She loves directing.” Well, my philosophy is that she really couldn't do any worse at directing than she has at acting so give her a shot. Of course she will only want to direct the next Transformers movie or something of that caliber for her first time out. No indies for her. Can you imagine if someone actually gave her that job? That would be like the best day ever. All the characters in the movie would be wearing leggings and have an unhealthy orange glow to them.

Now, here is where Dina gets off the rails. No, not coke rails, just the expression getting off the rails. OK! asked her about Lindsay and how she can't seem to get an acting job.

“You know what, I taught my children to love. And if you fall in love, life is about that. Family, it’s not about work. You want goals, you want it to be, but you still want someone to share that with, so it’s kind of an open ended question. We’re all living that. We’re all looking for love and someone to be with; someone to share that with. My parents have been married for 50 years, we see that and that is important. It’s work, but you want to separate it, go home and have a family. [Work] is not going to be forever.”

I think I can see where she is going but it still doesn't make any sense at all. But hey, it's Dina. Always a good time. And no, it isn't just her dates who say that.


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