Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh Oh... Here We Go Again

There could be trouble in paradise after Angelina Jolie walked out on Brad Pitt after an argument last Sunday, according to reports.

Brangelina - as they are often dubbed - are currently renting a house in LA where they are believed to have had a massive row following a birthday party for their twins Vivienne and Knox.

Although there have been rumours of a split for months now, it seems the could be it for the pair after a friend of theirs told Grazia magazine: "Minutes after the argument, she got up, threw together a bag of clothes and ran to her car. She checked straight into a suite at the Raffles L'Ermitage hotel."

The source also said that the 34-year-old Changeling actress, who has six children with Pitt, collapsed to the floor sobbing just after the row. Doesn’t Ange realise that I think she’s amazing? Perhaps she should come hang out at my house for a while?


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