Thursday, August 13, 2009

MJ Is Not Buried Yet

It has been a few days since my last Michael Jackson story and while I would like to discuss whether or not the mother of Blanket is a Mexican nurse named Helena there isn't really much to discuss. You either believe her story or you don't and you move on. However, there is actually something we can discuss and that is the fact that Joe Jackson has said Michael isn't buried yet. Earlier this week there were reports that Michael was buried and Joe says that just isn't true. I could have told you it wasn't true. Do you really think it would be just some quiet thing where people were told after the fact? Joe couldn't sell t-shirts if no one knew it was going on. In an interview with E!, Joe also said that he supports the idea of moving Neverland to Las Vegas so all Michael's fans can visit him there.

Can I tell you what I think is going to happen? I have discussed with others and they think I am crazy but I think they will move Neverland or have some kind of exhibit in Las Vegas featuring Michael. That Sony movie that is going to be released soon will be available to watch there in a special theatre and they will sell DVD's of it. I think there will be a type of Graceland experience without maybe actually moving all of Neverland. Now, what is missing at Graceland? The tomb of Elvis is at Graceland and his mom and dad, but you don't get to see a body. How much extra would you pay to see Elvis's body? They charge you one price to get into Graceland and then you can add a whole bunch of extras. How much extra do you think Michael Jackson fans would pay to see his embalmed body? Yep. I think that is why they haven't buried it yet. There is not going to be another autopsy. There is no reason not to bury it, but they haven't. The reason? I think they are deciding how to make money off the body.

Oh, and don't think that just putting it in Berry Gordy's crypt is burying it because it isn't. I will give up on this idea when someone tells me he is buried in the ground. Other than that I think the Jackson family is perfectly content selling tickets to see Michael's body. For an extra $100 you can have your picture taken next to it and a souvenir key chain that plays ABC. A beating by Joe Jackson is optional.


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