Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pretty Classy And Dignified

The recently estranged pair are set to go head-to-head with rival fly-on-the-wall documentaries on ITV2. Katie, aka Jordan, has already had her own show commissioned for the channel after setting up her own television production company, Pricey Media.

Now Peter is in talks with ITV2 for his own series to rival his ex's after impressing them with a one-off documentary that goes on air on Monday night. He has stuck with CAN — the production company that made all of the couple's previous reality series — to make Going It Alone, a 90-minute special about how he's been dealing with their split.

We're told: “ITV2 liked it so much they want to commission a series with Pete, and are in talks with CAN. They already have a close working relationship after CAN's Katie And Peter: Stateside series, which was a big hit on ITV2. Obviously Katie's programme being on the same channel adds some spice, and it will be interesting to see who does best in the ratings.

“The way they've been attacking each other in the media recently, they won't be holding back with rival TV shows.”

Katie set up Pricey Media with former ITV executive Mark Wagman, and filming has already begun on the imaginatively titled What Katie Did Next. It will follow her as she copes with the aftermath of her marriage breakdown.

Mark said: “All the sides of Katie's life will be covered, good and bad, but you will also see a softer side to her. This isn't part of the PR battle, it is a very honest account of her life moving forward.”

Because she is very much a thoughtful and dignified person...


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