Wednesday, August 13, 2008

King Of All Douchebags Sued Again

Last month the mastermind of all things Vegas, Mr. Steve Wynn sued the sex offender known as Joe Francis for not paying his gambling debts of $2M. Well, Joe Francis thought Steve Wynn was being an ass about making him pay. Umm excuse me, last time I checked The Wynn was a business and if Francis had won $2M, Joe The Perv would have wanted his money paid to him. Anyway, the sex criminal said some things about Mr. Wynn which he may later regret.

He accused Wynn of using "alcohol, prostitutes and illegal drugs" to get their customers and that Wynn also deceives his customers.

Now this is of course the same Joe Francis who finds drunk girls, or girls on drugs, and has them pose naked for money. So, he is definitely the moral authority when it comes to this. Stupid a-hole.

Anyway, Wynn took exception to the sex offender's comments and sued Francis for defamation. He is asking $10M. So, my math is a little shaky, but that is $12M in total that Joe has been sued for this month. At some point here, one wonders whether Joey boy is going to go belly up. I know he is used to being more in the belly down position, especially when his cellmate was feeling horny, but I for one would love to see Joe Francis go bankrupt and watch his "friends" say goodbye. You want to know what a bankrupt Joe Francis looks like? Go take a photo of Brittany Murphy's husband.


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