Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Lipstick Jungle" Not Cancelled

Despite reports, Brooke Shields says her NBC drama Lipstick Jungle hasn't been scrapped.

"They thought that because My Own Worst Enemy has been shut down that the same thing had happened to us, and it's not true," she told reporters at Sunday's Kidsfest in NYC.

"They're not breaking down the sets," she added. "We’re still working. We still have more to do, so it's erroneously presented that we’ve been canceled, thank God.

"Our bosses are saying, 'You’re not canceled, don’t worry. We’re just trying to figure out how to make this make sense.'"

Shields said fans have already sent in tubes of lipstick to Jeff Zucker, president & CEO of NBC Universal, to show their support.

"It's been insane," she went on. "I think that the public outcry has been crazy, and it's kind of wonderful."

Is she optimistic for the show?

"I actually am," Shields said. "I mean, we're basically No. 1 if you look at DVR. And you look at all that. So the public is watching it.

"The problem that they have is it's not the same day live," she continued. "They just need to figure out how to reconcile advertisers' money because the advertisers don't want you fast forwarding commercials."

If the show gets canned, she said she'll be heartbroken.

"The family atmosphere and the excitement of being all together and working -- that’s the perk," she said. "I think they would be remiss if they decided not to continue next season."

Co-star Kim Raver (who also denied that the show's been canceled) said she would take the cancellation "really hard.

"The main thing is that me and Brooke and Lindsay [Price] have such a great time, not to sound corny," she said.

She added, "I think on Monday there are emergency meetings as to what's going to go on. But I know the executives are really pushing it and believe in it."

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