Monday, December 01, 2008

Brit Brit Is Ready To Over The World

Britney's X Factor appearance pulled 12.8 million viewers meaning more than 53 percent of the entire viewing audience tuned into the UK show to see Britney's performance.

Just so you know, that's the most watched X Factor of the whole series.

But we wouldn't expect anything less from Brit. I'm taking it as a sign of tremendous things to come.

In other related news, apparently Kevin The Douchebag is hurt because he's a "mistake".... LOL

Kevin Federline is hurt that his famous ex-wife regrets their marriage.

In her new MTV documentary, Britney: For The Record, pop singer Britney Spears refers to her two year union with the former backup dancer as “a mistake.”

“Instead of following my heart…I just did it for the idea of everything,” the star is heard saying.

Friends say Federline is taken aback that Britney “felt the need to tell people that she viewed their marriage as a mistake,” confidante of Kevin’s has revealed to In Touch Weekly.

Kevin is also miffed his former flame implied that the couples two sons were mistakes as well.

“How will that make the boys feel when they’re older. Kevin thinks it’s pathetic and hurtful for no reason.”


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