Monday, December 01, 2008

Tommy Boy Is Desperate...Valkyrie Will Bomb...Trust!!!

With early reviews in the crapper and big budget epics like 'Australia' bombing at the box office, Tom Cruise is turning to fellow followers of the controversial Church of Scientology to ensure that his World War II-themed drama Valkyrie is a hit on the big screen this holiday season.

The eccentric actor is asking the world’s 8 million Scientologists to see Valkyrie on opening weekend.

“Scientologists always go in droves to watch Tom’s movies-only this time it’s on an international level,” a Scientology insider scoops to Star.

The faith “is really growing overseas, and Tom is using that to make sure his film does well in Europe and Asia.”

Valkyrie opens December 26. In the movie, Tom plays Claus Von Stauffenberg, a Nazi who once attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler.


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