Monday, April 20, 2009

La Lohan To Go Topless????

Word on the street for quite some time has been that newly-single Lindsay Lohan is strapped for cash and unemployed, but it looks as though the 22-year-old may have finally found her forte: starring in a topless show in Sin City.

Lohan flew from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Saturday on the private plane of the producer of Mel B. and Kelly Monaco's "Peepshow" to attend the grand opening of the sexy striptease production, but made the trip more importantly because she had a meeting scheduled with director and Broadway big-wig, Jerry Mitchell.

"Peepshow" is designed to have rotating leads and according to very close inside sources, Lohan is in official negotiations to take over from Monaco who wants to move on and get back to work on "General Hospital," however Mel B. reportedly intends to stay on once her three-month contract is finished.

"People forget that she (Lohan) is a "triple threat" — she can act and sing and dance," said our source. "She feels that this would really revitalize her career and give her some serious theater cred."

The "Mean Girl" was even overheard gushing to Mel B. as they headed to the after-party at Planet Hollywood’s Prive nightclub about how much she loved the provocative production and how much she trusts Mitchell to direct her in an on-stage striptease.

"If they make me an offer, and the money’s right, I’ll do it," Lohan reportedly said.

We’re told the producers are very interested and would be "more than happy" to take the risk of having the "reformed rehabber" come on-board, but apparently it’s a toss between Lohan, Holly Madison and Brooke Burke for the racy role. So if Lohan does get the adults-only gig, she’ll play "Bo Peep," a timid girl who the Diva (played by Mel B.) guides in her transformation into a confident, sensual woman while surrounded by a slew of semi-naked burlesque beauties.

We've also been told that the former "Scary Spice" and Lohan have become pretty close and that Brown is pushing for Lilo to snag the job. The two ladies stayed at the afterparty chatting until 3 a.m. and so much for sobreity — Linds made no attempt to hide that she was drinking vodka and soda with a splash of cranberry.


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