Friday, April 24, 2009

What Broken Heart Can Do To You

Lindsay Lohan’s fragile frame has been a cause of concern for quite some time now, however photographs of the actress shopping in Los Angeles this week seem to have taken the term "scary skinny" to whole new level. Donning a low-cut strapless dress, the 22-year-old flashed a little skin … and a lot of bone.

According to Dr. Kent Holtorf, Director of the Holtorf Medical Group in Los Angeles (who does not treat Lohan) the 5’5'' starlet weighs around 95-100lbs with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 16. But in order to be considered "healthy" she should be at least 113-149lbs with a BMI of 18-25.

"There are signs of muscle wastage, clearly her bones are protruding and she looks quite rigid," Holtorf told Tarts. "She looks like skin and bones at this point, Lindsay clearly looks malnourished and unhealthy for her frame."

Hollywood clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Dr. James E. Walton, agreed that Lohan is "floating at 100 pounds" and is setting a bad example to young girls who look up to the "Mean Girls" actress.

"She seems to have no reserves, a little fat is very good because it gives us a reserve to fight off illness and repair injuries," Walton explained. " It has to be affecting her energy level a bit. It also cushions us against injuries, those low fat levels indicate a possible vitamin and mineral deficiency and can throw off proper hormone balances. She should weigh between 120 and 130 for healthy weight at her height ... Ok, for Hollywood, no lighter than 115 for her height. But that's only for Hollywood and the camera."

A rep for Lohan did not respond for comment.

"Lindsay tells everybody she eats and is fine," added our insider. "But her friends and family are pretty worried."


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