Friday, April 24, 2009

What's Complicated About It????

Samantha Ronson might be having second thoughts about her breakup with ex Lindsay Lohan -- at least on Facebook.

After a tumultuous fight with Lohan on April 4, Ronson removed her "In a Relationship" status on the social networking site. Now, she updated her relationship message to "It's Complicated."

Her updated profile comes hours after Lindsay Lohan said that the two "are talking," on Thursday's Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Up until then, the actress, 22, told Us she was in contact with Ronson via "just texts."

Complicating things further?

Lohan said she plans to stay on her own for the time being.

"I'm not looking to be with anyone right now," Lohan said Thursday. "I don't need to deal with that. It gets too distracting from everything that I need to focus on. Leaving town, you miss someone too much and you don't want to go sometimes, but I really care about Samantha and we'll see what happens. Maybe when we're fully in the right place... I love her."


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