Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Take This With A Grain Of Salt....Jamie Spears Does Not Approve

The Toxic singer — who loves her junk food — showed off her killer curves during a recent Bahamas vacation.

But Spears’ fabulously fit figure took lots of hard work — and money.

“Britney looks fantastic, but it took hard work as well as surgeons’ skills to get there,” an insider told the National Enquirer magazine.

“Britney was obsessed with looking like a hottie again, and after two kids, she had to really push herself. But she did it - and it cost her $350,000!”

The Enquirer claims that the 27-year-old threw herself into rigorous workouts, stuck to a strict diet and splashed out a small fortune on plastic surgery and liposuction, along with a fully-equipped home gym.

She had a mini tummy tuck, which costs about $4,500, and breast-lift surgery, which cost $8,000, after her boys were born. She’s also had numerous peels and facials for her acne-prone complexion.

“She also works-out with a personal trainer at a cost of $6,000 a month,” the source added. “Britney cut out sugar, and ate fruit, fresh vegetables and baked chicken.

“Britney was doing more than a thousand stomach crunches a day before the boys were born. Her goal now is to beat that record, but she’s thrilled with the way she looks.

“Her body looks hard and her stomach is flat, and she doesn’t care how much it cost her to get there. She’s proud of her body again”.


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