Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Alien Can Only Play With Other Aliens

Suri Cruise is not allowed to socialise with non-Scientologist children.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are reportedly reluctant to let their three-year-old daughter play with other kids, even those in her two dance classes.

A source told Britain's Star magazine: "She never hangs out with her dance friends before or after class. Her mom takes her and waits in the lobby during class. Then their entourage whisk her away again.

"They prefer Suri not to hang out with other kids unless they're Scientologists. And she doesn't have many play dates with children and is happy just spending time talking to her dolls as though she is their adult nanny."

Despite her isolated existence, Suri has lots going on in her life to keep her occupied. In addition to having tuition in Spanish and French, Tom and Katie have now signed her up for piano and violin lessons.

The source added: "They think she'll be very good at both and are fully convinced that she'll want to practise all the time."

The couple are said to refuse to treat Suri as a child and prefer to behave as if she is their equal.

The source explained: "They say that Suri is a little adult, and that she can hang out with them and their friends. They don't say no to her as they believe that she will understand better what she did wrong if they just explain it to her.

"They indulge all of her interests. She is taught to be perfectly clean - and they don't let her do any activities that make a mess. Their home has to be completely quiet at certain times and Suri is expected to comply."


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