Friday, July 10, 2009

Put Skanky McValtrex Back In Jail!!!!

Here's Paris! It seems that little Ms. Socialite Paris Hilton is in a bit of legal trouble. No she's not in jail again. Paris is being sued in a Miami court for refusing to make promotional appearances for her 2006 movie Pledge This!. According to the Associate Press, Paris was contractually obligated to make promotional appearance for the film in theatres, as well as promote it when it came out on DVD, and Paris did neither.

Bryan West, the attorney who is representing the investors, stated, "During the six-month period, at no time would she take 10 minutes to do a phone interview." However, Paris' attorney, Michael Weinstein, begs to differ says that she did as many appearances as she could, but was not able to meet a lot of the requests because of her busy schedule. Apparently Paris had a nail appointment she needed to get to. Weinstein is quoted as saying, "Paris Hilton is a promotion machine. For 2 1/2 years, she relentlessly promoted that movie."

Paris has taken time off from filming the newest season of My New BFF in Dubai to travel to Miami and testify on Friday. During the opening statements Paris basically sat there, occasionally taking notes but mostly playing with her hair. Her dress is pretty cute though. Do you agree? You can see it in the gallery.

The lawsuit is seeking $8.3 million in damages, basically what was spent to make and distribute the film by a now extinct Miami company that was the movie's key investor. The investors feel that even if Paris did not like the film, which her lawyers says is true, they would have been able to do well in DVD sales if Paris had promoted the film.

Umm, I'm sorry but the movie is about sorority girls at a fake school that no one cares about. It's like a really bad version of The House Bunny. That movie would not have done well anywhere, even with DVD sales.


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