Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tommy Boy To Move To The UK??? Good Riddance!!!!

Apparently Tommy Boy wants to move to the UK. His official reason is that his contract wife, Katie Holmes, can futher pursue her theatre career.

Living in London is not a first for Tommy Boy since he did live there for two years when he was married to her ex-contract wife Nicole Kidman.

He said: "It would be a fantastic move. Katie was absolutely brilliant on Broadway and to work in the West End would be a joy. It is something to consider for both of us.

"I think we'd love it here, even if it is so, so cold!"

But me think is that Tommy Girl, I mean Tommy Boy is still pursuing the golden balls of David Beckham, who moved to Italy recently.

He said: "I'll see him. I'm glad he's playing for Milan, it's great, he's playing great, it's exciting and cool.

"We'll still see his wife Victoria and the kids, all of them. It's cool, they're amazing people."

Victoria better watch out!!!!!!

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