Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Contract Wife On Suicide Watch????

Katie Holmes looks brimming with confidence and without a care in the world. But behind the gloss, the 30-year-old star continues to suffer.

Now can reveal that the pressure from husband Tom Cruise, 46, to conceive another child is so immense, friends say she’s close to cracking.

‘Suri had her third birthday on 18 April and it was clear at her “princess party” how much Tom adores her,’ a source says.

‘But he hoped she’d have a brother or sister by now. They agreed to try as soon as Katie finished her Broadway play in January, but it hasn’t happened.’

This has put a strain on Katie, who’s struggled with feelings of inadequacy thanks to Tom’s constant scrutiny.

‘Tom’s control, through Scientology, has been almost unbearable for Katie,’ our source adds. ‘But the more she’s fought it, the tougher he gets. Never having any space to herself is stressful for her.’

With the recent tragic death of her sister Tamera’s husband Joseph Fretti on 12 April, Katie had been getting closer to her parents again and went back home to Ohio for the funeral.

‘It seemed like a good time to reach out to them,’ our source says. ‘She’s feeling the strain of being under the watchful eye of the Scientologists and wanted to build bridges again.’

John Duignan, a member of the cult for 20 years who knows people in Tom’s entourage, explains: ‘If she’s under pressure to provide another child, they’ll use very powerful mind-control techniques to help Tom get what he wants. Katie had been in New York, talking to real people and then she was back in the world of Scientology.

‘She could crack up. There are lots of suicides among Scientologists – it’s psychologically very damaging. At least she’s been exposed to outside influences. But it’s difficult to escape, especially with a child.’


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