Monday, January 05, 2009

Apparently Contract Wife Is Not Spending A Lot

If Tommy Girl was your official woman, there's only two ways you would spend your days: crying and shopping. Katie must be doing a lot of the former while she's in NYC. That's what Page Six Magazine (via Telegraph) claims anyway. They say since Katie landed in New York last July, she's only taken around $14 million from Tommy's butt plug fund and has spent.

Apparently, most of the money was spent on real estate. They bought three extra apartments in the building they live in. Two are for Tommy's ego and the other is for Katie's tears.

Some source said Katie also spent $13,987 on Suri's slaves, $7,000 on gym crap, $7,315 on food and $17,000 on rags for her and Suri in six months.

All these numbers seem kind of low ball to me, but now that I think about it, it makes sense. 7 grand may not seem like much for food, but Katie only eats dried-up barley flakes and Tommy nibbles on her soul whenever he gets hungry. And $14k on child care for Suri also seems kind of low budget, but I don't think we can see most of Suri's slaves. Thetans can make themselves invisible-like. Besides, Suri doesn't need them around that often since she spends most of her time looking after Katie. The $7k they spent on gym crap was only for Tommy's vibrating dirt star slimmer.

It's the $17k that seems way off! There's no way any of Katie's shit rags come from anywhere but the "$1 for 1 pound" pile at the Salvation Army. That said, Katie needs to spend more! If she's going to terrorize NYC with her weepy zombie face, she better start dropping more alien dollars.


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